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Main purpose of cellulitis treatment process is reduction of severity cellulitis infection, fast recovery, pain relieve, cure affected skin and prevention of recurrence - definition of treatment for cellulitis. In most cases healing process contains treatment with antibiotics drugs. Antibiotics are used orally or intravenous depending of severity of affected skin area. Period for using oral antibiotics (by mouth) is 10 to 14 days. In this period is crucial to take every single pill that doctor has prescribed, even later when you begin feel better .Treatment for cellulitis with intravenously antibiotics (IV) is recommended when we have more serious infection,in most cases lasts 3 to 5 days.

Generally,skin and any underlying tissue treatment include schemes to prevent recurrence of inflammation (protective clothing ; covering scrapes or open cuts; practicing good skin care too). Crucial is healing of affected area and all underlying tissue develops nearby which could increase chance of recurrence of infection. Antibiotics medications and recurrence prevention are part of special treatments for cellulitis infection. There are three types of herbs which helps in battle and prevention of cellulitis infection.Treatment for cellulitis on natural basis is explained on cellulitis natural treatment page. Depending of severity infection,cellulitis treatment can be divided to:

A) Cellulitis Self-Care Treatment At Household

An ordinarily healthy individual is usually not hospitalized for mild or moderate cellulitis. In case of mild cellulitis and using antibiotics, it's recommended for self-care home treatment that you should take care of:     ▪ to rest yourself, particularly the area of body involved;     ▪ drink plenty of water to help prevent you becoming dehydrated;     ▪ elevate the region of the body affected with cellulitis,that will help to decrease main symptoms of swelling and relieve irritation,specially for cases of lower leg cellulitis and...
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