Health Care and Correct Medication

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P1- describe the routes of administration of medication commonly prescribed to individuals Types of medication:-
Antibiotics:- antibiotics are medication which destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria, they are used to treat infections which are caused by bacteria. Most of the time the body’s immune system can fight off bacteria but in cases in which the body cannot antibiotics are used to destroy them. Antibiotics are either given orally, applied to the skin in ointment form or injected, this all depends on the type of infection the body is currently trying to fight off, for example skin infections are treated with ointment, oral antibiotics are used to fight of moderate infections and injective antibiotics are most commonly used in the hospitals and are reserved for serious infections. Analgesics:- analgesics are a medication which are used to relieve pain, this is done by blocking pain signals which are sent from the brain or by interfering with the signals. Analgesics are most commonly found in paracetamol and ibuprofen and are used for pain such as headaches. There are three common ways in which analgesics can be administered, these are; orally for moderate pain such as headaches, intravenous which is used in hospitals when an individual goes on a drip, epidurals are used when women are in labour. Antihistamines:- antihistamines are medication which are used to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Antihistamines work by blocking the chemical release which happens when the body is allergic to something. Antihistamines are most commonly found in Piriton which is commonly used for hay fever symptoms. Antihistamines can be taken in oral or inhalation form using a nasal spray. The oral form targets itching, runny nose and sneezing, the nasal spray works on congestion, itching and runny nose. Antacids:- Antacids are medication which are used to neutralize acid that is produced in the stomach, antacids increase the PH which reduces the acidity in the stomach, antacids are medication such as Gaviscon. Antacids are used to relieve the symptoms of heart burn, stomach ulcers and indigestion. Antacids are taken in oral form so that they end up in the stomach and lower the amount of acid inside causing pain. Anticoagulants:- anticoagulants are medication which is used to reduce and prevent blood clotting, anticoagulants work by thinning the blood so that is does not clot and block blood vessels. The most common form are heparin and Warfrin, these are most commonly used if an individual is at high risk of having a heart attack. Anticoagulants can be taken orally in medication such as Warfrin or by injection; the medication is released into the blood stream and begins to thin the individual’s blood. Laxatives: - Laxatives are a medication which are used to induce bowl movements or loosens an individual’s stool, laxatives work by absorbing water which increases the bulk of faeces; this therefore stimulates the bowls which moves the faeces along and out of the body. Laxatives are most commonly used when individuals are suffering from constipation. Laxatives are given orally or in per rectum form, they enter the bowls to soften stool are retain water to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Classification of medication:-

Prescription only medicine:- prescription only medicines must be prescribed to individuals by a their doctor or other qualified health care profession, the individual must the take the prescription to a pharmacist or GP surgery to collect the medicine. Pharmacy medicine: - Pharmacy medicines can be bought from pharmacy’s without a prescription but must have the supervision of a pharmacist. The medication is kept behind the counter so individuals therefore need assistance to buy them. The pharmacist will ensure there are no reasons that you should not be taking the medicines and that they are the correct drugs for you and your health condition. General Sales List Medicines: - GSL medicines can be bought from...
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