Cell Phones and Social Graces

Topics: Mobile phone, Etiquette, Text messaging Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Cell Phones and Social Graces

Charles Fisher brings up his opinions about todays society’s lack of discretion and courtesy in his essay “Cell Phones and Social Graces”. Not to be hypocritical, as I am one of these offenders that he speaks of, but I agree, not to the blame of cell phone technology itself, but to the way society has chosen to act with it.

Cellphones have become a technological breakthrough over the years. They have been considered a necessity for emergencies and businesses when away from the home and office. However, they have become handheld computers for the commodity of social media. This is where the issues truly began.

Now, everywhere you go all you see is people on their cell phones. Whether they are taking a call, answering a text message, or updating their Facebook or Twitter statuses. When this is being done constantly; as it is by today’s younger generations, the ability to communicate properly in a face-to-face social or business scenario, with family or older generations dwindles away.

The advancing technology of cellphones has also diminished the common customs and courtesies that were established by the generations, decades ago. People do not pay attention to their surroundings, which causes accidents; use indecent language that offends the older generations and even some younger ones; and they do not know how to converse with others with the correct etiquette. These, and others, are considered very rude and disrespectful in the physical social world.

If you have a cellphone, as do I, please be aware of where you are, who is around and what you are doing; especially driving, so that if my children and I are driving, shopping or in any other type of social atmosphere along side of you, we are safe from harm, vulgarity, and have to put up with your rude and obnoxious behavior. I do not want my children to learn to be respectful and courteous now and as adults, Thank you.
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