Decline of Manners

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Y Generation Manners

In “The Decline of Manners,” Martin states that “younger people in today’s society are ruder than people were twenty or thirty years ago.” Martin also goes on to reveal that young people are “slovenly, less communicative, and generally impolite to one another.” Martin argues that increasing informality of dress, lack of communication and mean-spiritedness all contribute to this behavior. She targets certain age groups communicating that “this is obvious to anyone over the age of thirty.” A hasty generalization of younger people is apparent here. The issue displays a stereotypical attack on all younger people of this generation, labeling them all the same. A vague authority was used by associating a prominent Ipso/Reid poll to support her argument. Martin refers to an Ipso/Reid poll without detailed identifiable timelines making her article unsustainable of fact or place. As conveyed it is very difficult to agree with her objective findings.

First of all, Martin shows that manners are declining due to lack of dress and grooming in today’s younger society. Describing their attire is an attack on young people. Fashion as well as the world is constantly evolving. There are different styles of clothing in today’s society compared to twenty years ago. Associating dress and manners reveals an unjustified generalization. Martin shows no lineage between ill manners and clothing presented in a provocative way. Most work places have dress codes in effect that would disprove this theory.

The next example, Martin writes “the decline of manners is the increasing lack of communication skills resulting from the ubiquity of electronic, hand-held gadgets.” This statement is based on opinion, without proof to sustain her theory. The scenario that everyone is attached to their electronic devices does not show a lack of communication. This tells me that society’s technology and innovations have driven people to rely on these devices to stay connected and...
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