Cell Phone Use Affecting Students

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, High school Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The Difficulty of Learning from School Cell Phone Use

In this modern age almost everybody has a cell phone on them at all times, whether they are at home, at school, or in the office. Not only parents are carrying cell phones now-a days, children ranging from various ages are in possession of a cell phone for contacting their parents-and learning how to text with them as well. Texting can be beneficial to a child from the continuous use of words, which can be great for their academic learning. It can take quite some time to finish a whole text, which is why almost everybody uses texting “lingo”. This “lingo” is made-up of pieces of words that make it easier to type and shortens the time it takes to get your message across from phone to phone. For example, when someone wants to convey that something was funny, someone will respond to a text with “lol” which means ‘laugh out loud’. Also when someone wants to ask how someone is doing, it is simply easier to text “how r u?” rather than “How are you?” to them. Auto-fill also makes it more convenient by adding a dictionary that predicts what you are going to type in text, called “predictive text.” All of these features are extremely convenient when communicating through any cellular device. As convenient as this can be for children, all of this “convenience” actually ends up being a hindrance to academic learning. Too much use of texting “lingo” is used so frequently that it is impeding on how well children read, write, and think in the classroom resulting in a need for a ban on cell phones in elementary school and junior high school premises.

Reading is a vital function for everybody. We learn this at a young age. This shorthand texting method affects the way we read and look at words and affects the way we comprehend what actually is a word and what is not a word. Being able and willing to learn new words is a crucial skill for reading. People who use their cell phones excessively are...
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