Cell Phone Evolution: Good and Bad

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  • Published : April 3, 2005
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Cell Phone Evolution: Good and Bad
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the world has become a smaller and faster place. The time used to travel to far distances has decreased. The growth of new technologies, traveling and communicating has become simple daily tasks for many people. Through the growth of global communication, people have become closer to others across the globe, and business has gone world wide. One invention that came along with the technological revolution is the Cell Phone. Cell phones allow us to be reachable anywhere at anytime, letting us communicate even while traveling. As time becomes more valuable for people, the importance of accessibility to communication also increases. As with many things, new technology brings some bad consequences. This paper will briefly discuss the development of cell phone and its uses along with the negative impact it can have on our health. The idea of cellular phone goes back to the 1940s. The vacuum tube and the transistor made possible the early telephone network, but wireless revolution began only after the low cost micro processors and digital switching became available (Farley 1). Dr. Martin Cooper, a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, is considered the inventor of the first modern portable handset. Cooper made the first call on a portable cell phone in April 1973. He made the call to his rival, Joel Engel, Bell Labs head of research. Bell Laboratories introduced the idea of cellular communications in 1947 with the police car technology. However, Motorola was the first to incorporate the technology into portable device that was designed for outside of an automobile use. The cell phone got its cellular name because the system uses many based stations to divide a service area into multiple cells. Cellular calls are transferred from base station to base station as the user travels from cell to cell. Have you ever wonder why other countries are further advanced...
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