Cell Energy Worksheet

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Associate Program Material – Heather Earnhardt

Cell Energy Worksheet

Answer the following questions:

Cellular respiration:

What is cellular respiration and what are its three stages?

Cellular respiration is the process by which electrons are transferred between glucose to coenzymes and then to oxygen. NTP is made by the relocation of electrons. The end result of the process is the carbon dioxide and water that are released as byproducts of the process.

The three stages are: glycolysis, citric acid cycle, and electron transport.

What is the role of glycolysis? Include the reactants and the products. Where does it occur?

Glycolysis is the sugar splitting process where the molecule is split in half outside of the mitochondria. The molecule NAD+ picks up electrons and hydrogen atoms from the carbon molecule and become NADH. ATP is produced from the process, as well as pyruvic acid. Glycolysis can occur with or without oxygen. With oxygen it is the first stage of the cellular respiration, but if the process is done without oxygen it is called fermentation.

What is the role of the citric acid cycle? Include the reactants and the products. Where does it occur?

The Citric Acid Cycle starts after the glycolysis cycle produces the acetyl CoA compound. The Coenzyme A is removed and the remaining carbon skeleton is attached to another 4-carbon molecule. The new 6-carbon chain releases carbon dioxide. Two ATP’s are produced during this process for each molecule of glucose. The end result of the citric acid cycle is 4 CO molecules, 6 NADH molecules, 2 ATP molecules and 2 FADH2 molecules. The process is part of the conversion of carbs, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide and water; which is usable energy.

What is the role of the electron transport system? Include the reactants and the products. Where does it occur?

The electron transport is the delivery of electrons through a chain...
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