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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Celine :)

Rockets or spaceships have huge gravity wheels on them. These are to help the astronauts to live in there. But, serious problems can be caused by the Coriolis effect. They will spin and spin at more than one revolution per minute. Astronauts will be all feeling very sick by the time they arrive in the destination. Astronauts immediately begin to weaken when they get on the

rocket. Because of the lack of gravity, their bodies loses calcium, and muscles deteriorate. Also a lot of other physiological problems occur, as even we can provide a little artificial gravity on the rocket, the gravity is still not the same as the gravity on Earth.

It is very dangerous is the outer space. For example, there are many particles running high-speed that would bomb the spaceship/rocket with radiation. Also, the first astronauts reported that they saw random flashes while they were orbiting. This was actually because of nuclear particles bombarding their retinas. Retina is the layer at the back of the eyeball containing cells that are sensitive to light

Us humans have filled the orbital heights with space junk. There is 1% chance in 10 years that a space shuttle can be destroyed by space junk. These junks travel so quickly that one particle of paint can damage a rocket with human in it. Also, meteoroids can just accidentally crash into the spaceship/rocket, as the rocket’s speed is extremely fast.

Celine :)

If the spaceship/rocket was damaged in the middle of a journey, it would be very hard to repair it. This is because the spaceship/rocket can’t carry all the repairing tools or spare parts of the spaceship/rocket when traveling.

They could send another spaceship/rocket to space to repair the broken one, but talking of traveling in space, one single journey takes a long long time. A single journey to space costs a lot of money. Lots of money are put into space travel, instead of to the poor - so this is a problem. For example,...
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