Apollo 13

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llo 13
Apollo 13 Problem Solving Using SPICES

1. What situation is the movie Apollo 13 about?

They want to go to the moon and land on it.

2. What was the big problem that happened during the movie?

There isn’t enough power to come back to Earth. This is the big problem because all the other problems branch of from this issue.

3. List three smaller problems that also came up in the process of trying to fix the big problem.

They can’t land on the moon, because they were trying to stop the oxygen leak. The problem is that two fuel cells stopped working.
The oxygen supply is low.
The CO2 levels were increasing inside the rocket ship.

4. When the Apollo team and Houston brainstormed how to fix the carbon dioxide problem they called the solution “putting a square peg in a round hole”. List off the method that they investigated to fix this problem

Houston put themselves in the shoes of the astronauts and only worked with what they have up in the shuttle. This is a necessary and smart method because if they use items that the astronauts don’t have the problem won’t be solved.

5. List the construction materials and tools used in fixing the carbon dioxide problem.

Socks, 2 lithium hydroxide canisters, duct tape, 2 lcg bags, flight plan cover

6. Why was using a procedure so important to the crew of the Apollo?

Using a procedure is important because it will be easier to accomplish different tasks. This is true because the astronauts know what to do and will be prepared to complete their job. With a procedure the job will be accomplished well than without one. It will also allow the tasks to be completed in the right order.

7. Evaluate the way the team solved their main problem of getting back to earth. Did they work well as a team? Give examples of good teamwork and encouragement that helped them survive.

They were constantly encouraging wach other especially when they were freezing. Also at one time when two...
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