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Celebrity endorsement, undoubtedly an essential and effective tool for attracting masses towards the product or a service and it becomes more crucial when we consider FMCG to be concentrated sector. FMCG sector has used the tool of celebrity endorsement to convey its product usage, quality and existence, but it tends to set a personality to the brand through which its customers can visualize. This paper illustrates the varying intensity of attractiveness of their brand towards its prospective employees due to the celebrity they have chosen to promote them. Interestingly it has been found that celebrity endorsement deeply influence the prospective employee with reference to FMCG sector. Keywords: Celebrity endorsement, Employees attractiveness, FMCG brand personality, Prospective employees perception

Brand is a word which every corporate wants to be associated with its name, and whole corporate management strives hard to reach to a position where they can locate their brand with other niche brands existing. Corporate brand in the FMCG sector is a very essential tool to do profitable business and sustain in the market. FMCG sector revolves around masses and capture masses celebrity endorsement is a key as celebrity has a power to elevate the brand and attract masses for the product. Celebrity endorsement does their job in attracting customer, but celebrity endorsement creates a brand image which would amend the interests and perception of the prospective employees and job seekers. Prospective employees are given highest importance in very corporate as they build the future of the company and their selection is considered as a crucial stage of recruitment. Attracting job seekers for the company has become a herculean task for human resource department and they tend to attract job seekers of highest qualification and possessing appropriate personality. To get the right person applying for the position, company has to attract many job seekers. Brands like Google, IBM, and BMW are some of the favorites for the job seekers due to their brand name and various other reasons but in the FMCG sector the key to the success is appropriate staff. FMCG is a dynamic sector with huge competition and for success attracting the right employee would be vital, even necessary. Employee with right mindset and professional attitude would work wonders for the company and would prove profitable to the company for ever. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW

Attracting and selection of prospective employees has been a topic of research for many eminent researchers and they have contributed valuable information in attracting the prospective employees and about its importance for the company’s existence, with the suggestions which would revolutionize the recruitment process. Even though there is ample amount of literature about the prospective employees and celebrity endorsement, but there is on much work which explains the acute relation which exists between the prospective employees and celebrity endorsement of FMCG sector. Many researchers have suggested different methods and their analysis for attracting applicants for a job such as Daniel B. Turban and Daniel W. Greening (1997) have explained that corporate social performance has its part in attracting many applicants for the company. Moulik M. Zaveri and Rajendra Mulye have introduced a new concept of “job seeker ethnocentrism” which explains that job seeker would attracted towards the company of his origins and even suggested that a company’s brand equity and corporate...
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