Celebrities Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Celebrities today make thousands on end for what they do from actors, to musicians, to models , and athletes.I can understand that though because it takes hard work and determination to do so. Some americans however believe they dont deserve all that they get .For me i cant say they make to much or just enough because some celebrities are famous for being famous if you can understand that; for instance they might have a famous family member and they become famous because of that , But for all the celebrities that get it and worked for it they do deserve all that they make .It takes hard work and determination ,you cant be afraid to get up in front of thousands of people and make a fool of youself sometimes, and celebrities must like to bring joy because they bring people up when their down they provide a distractiion from the hard times and might make you even happier when you already happy the affect they have on people not just americans is amazing .

To be an actor, or a musician, or a athletes etc. takes hard work .Alot of people might not think so but you have to go to school to be an actor or a musician to perfect what you do.For an athelete however you dont have to go to school but you would want to for the publicity. I wouldnt want to be an athlete myself because not only do you have to be in shape and have plenty stamina theres always that chance that you get hurt doing what you love and your hole career could be over .I know that celebrities spend their hole life trying to perfect their craft because theirs always somone trying to take your spot and do a better job at your job. You have to worry about people taking your spot, someone might not like what you do and try to hurt you or anything.Being in the public eye every second of your life isnt always the best so to do what they do i no they really want it or they just love the money .

Me personally i am completely stage fright and i cant see how they do it , get up in front of thousands...
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