Cc Between Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? and the Movie Smooth Talk

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Where have you Been Smooth Talking?
In the short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? By Joyce Carol Oates, the lifestyle of protagonist Connie is described. Connie was a typical 15-year-old. She was outgoing, fun, and social. She had the worst relationship with her mother and her relationship with her father was not explained because he was not home much. Connie’s main concern was boys; she would do anything to meet up with them. That is not always a good idea because you never know the kind of people you will run into. Because she was not very careful an older guy, Arnold Friend, the antagonist, came into her life. This story transformed into a visual in the movie Smooth Talk by Joyce Chopra. The story and movie differed a little bit and had a lot of similarities. The events that led to the meeting of Arnold Friend were really similar, but the movie had more events that occurred before. The differences among the family were that the dad and June had bigger roles. The roles of the family led to Connie’s decisions. Throughout the rest of this essay I will continue to go in depth with these comparisons and contrasts. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? By Joyce Carol Oates is the short story that follows Connie through a short period of time. As a reader of the story a vivid description of Connie’s attitude is shown. Right from the start I got to see how Connie’s relationship with her mother was. Also, it was mentioned that her dad was rarely seen. Her sister, June, was loved by her mother, and her mother always compared the two. Obviously Connie was the black sheep of the family. Connie wants to get away from it all so she always goes out with her friends. The only guy she snuck out with was Eddie and that is when she had her first encounter with Arnold Friend. When Arnold came to Connie’s house she stayed calm and then started getting scared.

Smooth Talk by Joyce Chopra gets into more detail about Connie’s adventures. She had more crazy...
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