Cbt (Skinner) vs. Psychotherapy (Freud)

Topics: Psychology, Behaviorism, Unconscious mind Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Evan Hall
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CBT (Skinner) vs. Psychotherapy (Freud)
Freud, being the “father” of psychology, has had an impact on the development of almost every other theory to fallow his own Psychotherapy. This is primarily because most recognizable psychological theorists began their training under some form of Psychotherapy. B. F. Skinner was one of the many theorists affected by Freud and his theories. However, even though Skinner originally studied Psychotherapy he eventually decided to stray from Freudian theory and develop his of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Being derived from Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy shares some ideas but has many differences. Both theories deal with altering the thoughts and behaviors of clients but on different levels and in different ways. Differences.

Freud’s theory of Psychotherapy focuses solely on the unconscious mind and works to help the client to acquire some insight on their unconscious beliefs and behaviors. Measurement of the unconscious mind can be difficult considering its questionable existence. However, Freud was convinced that the unconscious mind was an imperative part of people’s lives and greatly effects their behavior and mental health. Freud’s therapeutic technique was for the therapist to be a blank slate and have absolutely no effect on the client. The client was then allowed to free associate, verbally expressing anything and everything that came to mind. It was Freud’s belief that everything expressed was an important clue to attaining the insight needed to relieve the problems which were troubling the client. Freud also believed that nothing said or done by the client was unintentional or a mistake. Freud believed that these “Freudian slips” were actually the unconscious mind, or the Id, breaking through the barriers created by the Ego and Superego. Freud believed that these barriers were created to control the impulses of the unconscious thereby protecting the...
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