Causes of Conflict Between Native Americans and European Americans During the Settlement of the West

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  • Published : July 7, 2010
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Disrespect was a major cultural difference. From the beginning of the relationship between Native and European Americans, the European Americans(Europeans) repeatedly dishonored the treaties which they agreed to uphold. Usually, they established the same treaties they betrayed, such as the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1851); which eventually led to the tragic massacre of the Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek.[1] “The Treaty set forth traditional territorial claims of the tribes as between themselves.” [2] Greedy and eager to completely disregard the Treaty of Fort Laramie and head west due to the discovery of gold in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Pikes Peak Gold Rush resulted in masses of European Americans emigrating west across Cheyenne and Arapho lands.[1] Suddenly, these lands previously deemed useless to the federal government and rightfully owned by the Natives were subject to the Europeans avarice. This resulted in competition over resources, and unlawful settling in Native territories.[1]

Instead of upholding the treaty the Federal Government agreed to just a decade before, which might I add they altered just before it was ratified to 10 years of a $50,000 annuity instead of the originally promised 50 years [2], and enforcing a removal of the intruders, on “Feb. 18, 1861 the signing of the treaty of Fort Wise ceded most of the lands designated to them(the Indians) by the Fort Laramie treaty.”[1] This injustice reduced the size of the reservation to one thirteenth its original size.[1] Furthermore, the original commodities established by the previous Fort Laramie treaty would go unfulfilled.

Some Indians recognized these injustices and disavowed the new treaty, remaining in their bison-rich lands.[1] They were angry and believed the chiefs were tricked into signing away their land and that the cheifs were only representing a portion of the tribe.[1] The Europeans arrogance allowed them to overlook these injustices and take the position that Indians...