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Cause-Effect Essay

In the novel, “Tuesdays with Morrie”, by Mitch Albom, Morrie has several childhood experiences that affect him as an adult. Some people are afraid of death and some aren’t as open to talk about it like Morrie is. Morrie goes through some events in his life that helped him be the man he is now. As Morrie grew closer to death, he learned not to fear it. He was still full of life, sharing his lessons with his best student, Mitch.

The first experience that affected Morrie was the death of his mother and how he gained affection from his stepmother, Eva (76). Morrie was devastated when his mother passed away and he felt lonely. His father was there but he never gave him any affection whatsoever (75). But, when Eva stepped into his life, he felt like he had a mother again. She would read stories and sing to Morrie and his brother and kissed them goodnight. Despite from what was going on through that time with the Great Depression, Morrie was taught to love and to care (77).

The second experience that affected Morrie was how his stepmother went to night school to improve her English (77). She believed that education is the only way out of poverty. They were really poor, but Eva still went to night school and taught Morrie that education is very important. Morrie learned to love education because of Eva. Eva would ask him questions about what he wanted to be when he grew up. That put some thought in Morrie’s head about his career goal (78). Thanks to Eva, he loved to learn and go to school to become a good teacher.

The third experience that affected Morrie was his first job at a mental hospital (110). He was given a grant to observe the patients and to take notes while he did. It was a shock to Morrie to watch patients being held down and act out of the ordinary. It saddened him to watch a patient being ignored by everyone. Morrie became a good friend to some patients. He didn’t like how they were ignored so he would try to...
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