Cause and Effects of Teenage Drinking and Drug Use

Topics: Drug addiction, Adolescence, Drug abuse Pages: 4 (1624 words) Published: February 14, 2013
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Cause and Effects of teenage drinking and drug use
Robert Lynn Hayden Jr.
Everest University
Composition II - 40
ENC 1102-40
Professor Jean Leeper
February 04, 2013

Cause and Effects of teenage drinking and drug use
As a former offender of teenage substance abuse and driving while under the influence, I know full well how hard this topic hits home and my wallet. I have tried almost everything except needles; I drew the line there. The biggest factor that I faced as a pre/teen at home, middle, Jr. high, high school was peer pressure. During these years, it was like riding a rollercoaster with my drinking, drugging, and emotional problems it equaled one messed up kid. I was placed in rehab five times, until my last close call. I went to a party in 1988 with a few friends, with the intentions’ of getting drunk and high. I got into a truck and crashed it, and was in the hospital for two weeks. This is when I told myself, enough is enough and I checked into a rehab. I was there almost six and a half months attending meetings and addressing other problems that I was having. One of my assignments while in rehab was a reflection paper: The melting summer night, from hell

August 10, 1988
I left my house to, party with friends; After stopping to pick up a few cases of beer and three bottles of Jack, we rolled up to a bonfire; The huge fire lit up the pine trees all around me; With a beer in hand, I took a few hits of a joint that someone past around; With the loud music in the back ground, the embers from the fire seemed to dance in the cool dark sky; Look at the bats fly through the fluttering lights of the fire; A girl that I go to school with, walked over to me and told me to open my mouth; She put a pill in then told me to swallow it and said: “Have a good time”; I started to sweat and feel dizzy so I sat down on a log that was behind me; Daphne walked over and kissed me, and asked: “How are you doing”; Look at the fireflies, flying all around;...
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