Cause and Effects of One's Appearence

Topics: Body piercing, Body modification, Peer group Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Brittany CheslerEnglish 101
The Cause and Effect Of One’s Appearance

Certain things that can make an individual one-of-a-kind could be tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks just to name a few, such as is mentioned in Dreadlocked by Veronica Chambers and Drugs, Sports, Body Image and G.I. Joe by Natalie Angier. One’s appearance can reveal insight into a person’s lifestyle and life choices. People can define themselves and their personalities to others by making themselves appear unique

There are many reasons as to the way people put themselves together and why they project themselves the way they do. One major motive tends to be trends. A trend is something that is popular at a given time and is constantly changing. In today’s society following these trends can allow a person to gain acceptance into a certain peer group. Keeping up with trends however, can make a person’s appearance change quite frequently. Another major factor in one’s appearance is culture. Different cultures have different rules and guidelines that can greatly restrict or require certain appearances. For example, in the Hindu religion it is part of their culture to wear a bindi which is a piece of body jewelry that is worn in the center of a women’s forehead after they marry. In places such as Cambodia and Thailand it is part of their culture to have certain tattoos, such as the yantra tattoo which is believed to protect against evil and to increase luck. These tattoos and body jewelry define one’s appearance in a strong way. Lastly, a major element of one’s appearance is emotions. Emotional reasons affect an individual’s appearance in multiple ways such as clothing, tattoos, piercings and hairstyles. All of those little factors can express a person’s mood in such huge ways. A certain form of this could be a tattoo of something or someone meaningful chosen for an emotional reason such as a loss or even a sense of pride.

For every motive however, there is an outcome,...
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