Cause and Effects of Basketball

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  • Published : July 2, 2013
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English 101
Dr. O’Haynes
Cause and Effects of Basketball
Basketball, a sport of humble beginnings in 1891, is now one of the greatest and most watched sports in history today. It began because of a physical educational instructor asked for a new game for his students.

By the early 1900s, basketball was played in roughly 90 colleges and has grown to be one of the best sports today. It has been played at by many who aspire to be the greatest sports athletes of their time. Many stars and legends like Michael Jordan, for example, are names forever in our memories. Many of the things they have done like doing a slam dunk from the foul line have been forever memorized in our heads and hearts. Many younger athletes have had their lives forever changed after watching many of these superstars. They have had the main goal of being better or the best of all time. This caused many of the young people of today to aspire, work, and some to actually achieve their dreams of stardom and be the best and to be the most skilled and best of their time. This has effected the world in many ways, it’s made many of the viewers of basketball to get up and work out and do great things. Many High-school students are going to college with full-ride scholarships for basketball and few are going on to be professionals, and aspiring others who watch basketball to achieve great things such as what they have achieved.

One of the many other effects of basketball is bringing together families who love basketball to watch and have a good time with their other friends, and families. Basketball like other sports are a great inspiration and a great pastime for many and for others it’s a wonderful event to watch and be apart of.
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