Basketball Overview

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Write an essay on basketball history and how the game has changed over time.

Basketball was invented in December 1891 and it first played with a soccer ball. Each team had nine players and the baskets were wooden peached ones hung up on walls. Double dribbling was allowed and after every score there would be a center jump line. The ball could be thrown in any direction by both hands. The ball could also be batted in any direction with one or both hands but never the fists. A player could not run with the ball they must throw it from the spot where he catches it, giving it to a good runner. The ball had to be held in or within hands never touching body or arms. There was no shouldering, holding, pushing, striking or tripping in any way a component. A game was two 15 minute halves with five minute rest breaks.

In 1897 it became a game for five players making it more competitive, played by both men and women. 1895 the backboard was introduced to prevent fans from interfering with play since baskets were sometimes hung on balconies. Also in 1908 the dribbler was allowed to shoot the ball and the double dribble was eliminated by professional leagues in 1930. 1937 the center jump ball was eliminated since it was just taking up time. The three point line was invented, the ‘three second’ rule was added and shot-blocking was also added. People before could not move with the ball because it would be travelling so dribbling was invented.
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