Cause and Effect

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Causes of Obesity
Lately, obesity has become one of the most serious problems in 2012. Obesity rates have increased quickly every year. In Saudi Arabia there are more than 23% women and 20% men are overweight. Random food, less activities and emotional issues are the major causes of obesity.

Firstly, eating randomly is one of the main causes of getting obese. Fast food increases obesity so fast, especially if you eat it every day. Moreover, eating snacks between meals make the possibility of gain weight more and more. Finally, eating oily food daily instead of grilled makes your body storage of fat and slow the process of burning.

Secondly, being lazy lets people depend on others to do their own work for them. Obese people spend the day without any movement or exercise helps the body gain weight. In addition, working in a restaurant increases the possibility of gaining weight. People who work in restaurants usually taste their own dishes before they serve it, Also, depends on other to do your own orders, For example, if you need water , you asked your little brother to bring it, instead of bringing it yourself.

Finally, emotional issues and over thinking causes gain weight. Parents problems make their children over think and stress, which makes them gain weight. Moreover, being fatter than the people who surround you, make your appetite more open. In addition, being lonely without friends causes gaining weight, because they have a lot of free time.

To sum it all up, it is very clear that there are several of top causes of obesity. Obesity caused by random food, less exercise, and emotional issues. We should take care of ourselves, and as prophet Mohammed said: (your body has a right over you.)
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