Catholic Social Teaching

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* is a body of doctrine developed by the Catholic Church on matters of poverty and wealth, economics, social organization and the role of the state. Its foundations are widely considered to have been laid by Pope Leo XIII's 1891 encyclical letter Rerum Novarum, which advocated economic Distributism and condemned both Capitalism and Socialism, although its roots can be traced to the writings of Catholic thinkers such as St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine of Hippo, and is also derived from concepts present in the Bible.

* The Catholic Social Teaching has two basic characteristics, namely, being permanent and developing.

* Permanent
-Since the teachings are based on the Gospel, they offer a permanent complex idea to be pursued in the ever changing historical conditions and ways. These teachings can never go out of date in their fundamentals. Examples of these permanent teachings are exemplified in the following principles:

1. Human dignity and Solidarity
2. Social justice and Christian love
3. Active non-violence and peace
4. Preferential option for the poor
5. Value of human work
6. Universal destinations of all goods of the earth
7. Stewardship and the integrity of creation
8. People empowerment
9. Authentic and holistic (integral) human development

* Developing
-The fundamentals of Church Social Teaching make up the steadily growing collection of the Church’s social principles that must be creatively applied to and renewed in ever changing concrete situations of various events, cultures, and human needs in the historical process. Deeper insights into permanent values develop as the Church reads the signs of the times.

* Methods and Sources

1. Scripture. The authoritative books which record the Jewish and Christian
experiences of God’s self-disclosure.
Scripture reveals who God is and who we are called to be in response to God. Interpretation of Scripture...
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