Catching Fire

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Create a Creature
~Your biological discovery~
40 pts

Living creatures are the product of countless adaptations over long periods of time. These adaptations tend to be features that increase the organisms’ likelihood of survival.

Your assignment is to “Create a Creature”. Create a story and drawing about your newly discovered creature. Your creature can be from any of the following groups: Fungi, Plant or Animals. Use Ch 11, 12 and 14 to help as well as samples and Mrs. Norris’ books.

1. A description of your organism: size, shape, symmetry- Be detailed! 2. A description of the environment that your creature lives in- jungle, arctic, nocturnal, etc. This description can be done in the drawing as well as the written portion. 3. Adaptations for survival (think evolution here!)- explain how your creature survives in the environment that you’ve chosen 4. A scientific and common name (think classification!)- follow the rules of classification (they don’t have to be in Greek/Latin)

Extra Credit Opportunities
1. +3 Above and Beyond Drawing
2. +3 Above and Beyond Story
3. +1 for discovering a plant, fungus or invertebrate

You will be graded on the level of detail in the description of your creature and if the adaptations you choose to give your creature make sense for its environment.
Description 8 points _______
Environment 8 points ______
Adaptations 8 points _______
Naming 3 points ________
Drawing 8 points ______
Creativity 5 points _____

1. Your final story must be typed or in black ink. Spelling and grammar must be accurate. 2. The story must be one page minimum.
3. Your drawing must have color.

1. Create a journal entry as a scientist
2. Create a newspaper article
3. Write a 1st or 3rd person story about the discovery
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