Catching Fire

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Catching Fire
As the second book in the triology you wouldn't ecxpect anything great from it, because most of them aren't your favorite. Though in this triology it was my favorite. It was action packed and did everything you could ever imagine. This book will cause so many mixed feeling your will lose your mind until you finish and move on the the third book.

This book shows how easy it can be for something to fall for more then one person. It displays how lifelong friends can fall for eachother, it also shows how even though something can come between two people, true love with conquer. At times many can become confused as to what they want, but when it comes down to it, and are at risk of losing what truly belongs to them, their true color shows. It displays how the little things can matter so much when you know you have a limited time and how much someone can care for one another. You will see the battles that some people can go through in life, and how you can not always do things on your own and there are always people their to help you along the way.

This book focuses more on the feelings of the characters and the effects of there actions. The book is also action packed and always keeps you on your toes. You see how one persons knownledge can help anothers to create a plan to defeat the game.

This book is unbelievable. I have never read a book that has kept me on my toes as much as this one has. You will need to expect the unexpected while reading this book. You will finish in days, if that. The one thing I got most out of this book is, never give up on something, because in the end it will all work out.
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