Cat in the Hat

Topics: Mind, Thought, Psychology Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: January 24, 2012
Cat in the hat essay

The Cat in the Hat movie is about Conrad, a twelve-year-old boy, who has two problems: he is constantly doing the exact opposite of what he is supposed to do and causing trouble, and Sally, Conrad's eight-year-old little sister, tries to stop his trouble making and is being rather bossy and perfect. This also relates to Freud’s Theory of the Mind, which states that our mind has 3 different aspects which influence the way we think, act and feel. They are: ego, superego and id. Conrad displays all three aspects throughout the movie that interfere with his mind.

The first aspect which Conrad displays in the movie is id. In the beginning of the movie Conrad does what he wants and doesn’t listen to his mom to keep the house clean. When the mother comes home from work she says: “I asked you to do one thing today, Conrad, keep the house clean. Do you know how frustrating it is that you're always doing the exact opposite of what I say?” Conrad is found sliding down the stairs and wrecking the house which is the opposite of what his mother told him to do. Another example of how Conrad displays id throughout the movie is when the cat arrives and checks their brain the “phunometer,” Conrad is shown as a rule breaker. “Just as I suspected, you guys are both out of whack. You're a control freak, and you're a rule-breaker” this shows that Conrad breaks all the rules that are set for him. The third example of Conrad displaying id throughout the movie is when they sign the contract not thinking about what their mother said. Conrad says: “What about it? We signed the contract” This shows Conrad is not thinking about the consequences of the outcome and is basing his decision of his selfish desires. A fourth example of Conrad displaying id is when the cat tells him not to open the crate. I'm not usually a rules guy, but this is a biggie. “No opening the crate.” This shows that even thought the cat told Conrad not to open the crate;...
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