Casino's and Crime

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The study of how crime rate is affected by casinos located within a city is shown throughout my paper. When a casino is first introduced to a city the crime rate is lowered giving employment and economic growth to the city. Between 3 and 5 years of the casinos opening the crime rate is increased with violent crimes, theft, suicide, and other negative consequences. These factors are proven to be correct within cities across the United States. The pattern of crime rate of cities with casinos is the same of all cities that open a new casino in the community.

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November 18, 2011
Crime Rate of Cities with Casinos
Casinos have been expanding throughout America since 1978. Nevada was the only state that had casinos at that time. Now in the year 2011, casinos can be found in a variety of cities all over the United States. Crime has also risen in the United States over the past decade. The link between casinos and crime can be found to show both an increase and decrease in crime within cities that have casinos. The relationship between casinos and crime is relatively similar between varies cities across the country. The crime rate of a city is affected on whether or not that city has a casino. When a new casino is first introduced to a city the crime rate of that city can decrease or have no effect and bring tourism, economic growth, and stability to a city. Over a five year period, the crime rate of that same city can dramatically increase and bring theft, violent crime, bankruptcy, and suicide.

Casinos can have a direct and positive effect on the economy of a city. The construction of a casino can bring construction jobs to the city that would boost the economy. Once the city is built the casino needs to hire employees to maintain and run the casino successfully. “Reduction of crime through improvements in labor market opportunities is observed prior to and shortly after the casino opening as low-skilled people may be hired by the casino or casino-related industries (Grinols).”Adding a surplus of jobs to the community will raise the cities development and add a positive influence to the economy. Casinos tend to employ the lower working class and low-skilled people for the job positions needing to be filled to operate a casino. Decreased crime can be the result of hiring people in the lower working class by giving those people a job which keeps them from committing crimes in the community. “Increased employment and wages of low-skilled individuals reduce crime. Therefore, if casinos provide greater labor market opportunities to low-skilled workers, they should lower crime (Albanese).” A greater labor market will expand wealth throughout the community. Another way a city can be given an economy boost from a casino is through tourism. As more and more people visit the city the more money the city brings in. This strengthens the area and provides economic growth and stability to a city. “The visitor effect and the effect of changing composition of the population appear with the casino’s opening and grow as people are attracted to the area (Grinols).” Tourism to a city is a positive influence on the community and the surrounding areas. Casinos can indirectly have a decrease in crime at night. The bright lights from the casino can illuminate dark streets keeping street crime at a minimum. “Casinos may reduce crime indirectly through development effects. Decaying waterfronts and derelict sections of town that once harbored crime may be less amenable to it when renovation occurs, streetlights appear, and resident presence increases. The streets near Las Vegas casinos, even at night, are often cited as some of the safest (Grinols).” Brightly lit streets can keep robberies and other street crimes for every occurring. Eye witnesses are more likely to be involved if a street crime is committed around a casino. The area directly around a casino is an overall safer place.

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