Cashew Industry in India Marketing Plan

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FruitDry* Marketing Plan
Group U1
Anurag Jindal
Harsh Shukla
Likhit Nagpal
Nishith Maheshwari
Sriparna Neogi
*A hypothetical company which exports cashew
Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry
MKT2 Group U1
Executive Summary
FruitDry is a hypothetical company which exports cashew and is located in Udupi district of Karnataka. The company purchases cashew kernels from the processing units in the same district and exports it to various countries. The best quality cashew which is exported is grade W180. The company is looking forward to launch this product in the domestic market also. Clearly this will be a premium quality product. The company will mix salt and spices to the cashews procured from the processing units. As per the taste of the area, two variants will be launched; a spicy variant and a salty variant. Being a small area, specific shops will be targeted from where most of the people shop. The company plans to provide cashew nut with its crispy nature at the convenience of daily shopping to all its potential consumers. As a part of promotion, the company will focus on health aspects of cashew and the ability to retain them with the help of companies specially designed air tight zip-bags. (As no other packaged cashew of grade 180 is available) Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry

MKT2 Group U1
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Summary of Current Situation
a. Production of Cashew
b. Varieties in Cashew:
c. International Market
d. Domestic Market
e. Share Trend:
f. Competitive Information
3. Market Opportunities
4. SWOT analysis
5. Summary of Companies Marketing Strategy
a. Marketing goals
b. Financial goals
6. Marketing Structure Layout
a. Strategic Segmentation
c. Product Mix
d. Marketing Mix
7. Sales forecast
8. Cash flow statement
9. Risk’s Plan and Long term Plan
Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry
MKT2 Group U1
Summary of Current Situation
 Production of Cashew:
India has the maximum area (21.6%) under cashew nut and is the third largest producer (17.3%) of raw nuts in the world. The major cashew manufacturing states are Kerala, Orissa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The processing plants are also in the nearby area. The belt around Mangalore and Udupi (South Kanara) is in line with production and processing of cashew nuts. There are number of small and big processing factories which process raw cashew and the nuts are then sold in the market which is mostly taken by firms packaging and distributing cashew nuts around the globe. Processing is a three stage process involving peeling, shelling and roasting / steaming. The third stage is what makes a difference in the final product, if the nuts are roasted, then they are added with spices in varying proportion or else the steamed cashew nuts are directly sold as dry fruits.  Varieties in Cashew:

The quality of cashew is determined by its size and weight. They are numbered as per the number of cashew nuts in one pound of that quality. For instance, cashew W240 has 240 cashew nuts in one pound. The major produce of cashew in India is of W400, W240, W200 and W180. Apart from these, W500 and W150 is also produced but in very small quantities. In the South Canara belt, W240, W200 and W180 are widely processed. Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry

MKT2 Group U1
 International Market:
India is the second largest exporter of cashew nuts. Almost the entire cashew grade W180 is exported. This is mostly the processes one. The trade takes place through the water way (Mangalore port for this particular area) to almost all the continents.  Domestic Market:

Udupi cashew market is dominated by cashew grade W240. The market has a variable cashew demand which increases during the festive season when people gift each other and shoots high during the “Udupi Utsav” when people from outside the area come to take part in the Utsav. Such people while returning back often take a token...
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