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Julie Rhyno:
Julie Rhyno was a secretary working for an academic department at a university Julie was very excellent, who had finished office administration course in Toronto and had plentiful experiences working for several large organizations and she had got a certificate in information technology lately, then she is good at computer skills. Julie and his husband had bought a new home in a small community which is much closed with a university Julie went to the university and work every day. She not only enjoyed her life and took part in many activities, such as being active in local volunteer fire department and taking charge of a social committee, but also liked her job at the university, because of good salaries, good hours, good welfare and safety. Julie had worked for five months ago at the university, she was very motivated. She and two people who were supervised by the supervision of the Chair of the Department, Dr. Pat Griffiths, was secretary to provide secretarial and some computer-skills support to company’s people. Pat and Julie got on well at work and her assessment was very good. And she worked closely and well with her colleagues; even she helped them to mange their work flows and time faculty members would like to drop up her office meanwhile most faculty members could get the finished work on time. It tends to show that Julie is a nice person and easy going to work with. Julie liked chatting with the other people. Sometimes Julie and her colleagues have a party to celebrate the occasional birthday or milepost. She and her colleagues’ relationship were getting better. Pat always do not meddle his staff, he gave Julie and the others many free space to make a decisions and finish work. Actually, Pat’s staff worked efficiently and got along well with each other. But Julie had had a little skirmish with Susan, one faculty member. Julie did not finish one of Susan’s conference papers, because most Susan’s academic work was very harder to finish...
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