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  • Published : November 21, 2013
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TO: Trish Cooper and Carrie Schwinoff
DATE: October 2, 2013
SUBJECT: Marketing Strategy for Zatswho
Marketing research has shown that guerilla marketing campaigns can be highly effective at relatively low cost (Hutter & Hoffman, 2011). I have developed a guerilla marketing strategy for your company that will focus on logo placement and social media. The goal of this marketing strategy is to win over potential customers of your target market, which is parent of toddlers (Hutter & Hoffman, 2011). Social Media

In past news, one of the most effective viral videos marketing campaign was done on the social media network YouTube (Suddath, 2012). The marketing campaign was able to reach 100 million views in only six days, breaking the record (Suddath, 2012). In order for Zatwho’s to capitalize on this form of marketing, I recommend that Zatwho’s create a YouTube channel. Remember, one of the principles in successful guerilla marketing is to “Use the Power of Publicity” (Scarborough & Scott, 2012). The first video upload will consist of a video of a flash mob of toddlers using your product. The YouTube channel will also be interactive by allowing subscriber to upload videos of their toddler playing the game and developing visual memory. This will allow potential customers to see how the product works. Logo Placement

The logo placement phase of this strategy will start by placing small Zatwho’s posters in places such as daycares, school, and public restrooms. This technique will help consumers, particularly parents of toddlers; get familiar with the Zatwho’s brand. In addition to posters, free demo samples of the recognition game will be distributed to daycares in the seven states where the product is currently sold. The free demo samples will serve two purposes, get the products brand name out and to gain feedback from the customer that might help the quality of the product (Scarborough & Scott, 2012 By using these strategies, Zatwho’s will create...
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