Case Sunfresh

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Case Sunfresh
Sunfresh Ltd is a Rotterdam based importer of fresh fruit and vegetables from tropical and subtropical countries. The company sells these natural products to large retailers, wholesalers and market traders. The company was founded 20 years ago and has been growing since, mainly as a result of its sharp eye for the quality its customers want, tailored service and e broad line of products. Currently the company has 120 employees.

Part of the products are being packed and delivered according to customer specifications. This mainly concerns the so-called home brands, including cut, dried and deep-frozen products, and fruit baskets. These activities are done by Sunfresh itself in its Rotterdam location.

The company has the following departments in place:



Logistics. Including Warehouse and Transportation

Production, including Production Planning Office


Data Processing

The management of the company consists of a commercial director and an operations director. The commercial director is responsible for Sales and Purchasing and the operations director is responsible for all the other departments. Data processing is completely automated and integrated.

Sunfresh has written contracts with large retailers. These contracts specify the annual quantities that they will order and the desired qualities. Sales prices are adjusted quarterly on the basis of expected developments in the purchase market. The daily called quantities are billed weekly with a term of payment of 10 days.

The wholesalers place their orders per week. The contracts contain an increasing annual rebate if a wholesaler has ordered more than the contractually agreed upon quantity. The sales prices are adjusted weekly on the basis of developments in the purchase market. The term of payment is two weeks after delivery.


Remaining parcels and parcels that will soon become obsolete are sold...
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