Case Study : Road to Hell

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This case study analysis seeks to provide better solution to Caribbean Bauxite Company following the resignation of Matthew Rennalls, who is to be promoted to a position of chief engineer to replace John Baker. Rennalls cited cultural differences and Baker offensive racial comments for his resignation. Further, Rennalls’s resignation came a day after his interview with John Baker, his direct superior. Several issues Caribbean Bauxite company has to deal with following Rennalls’s departure relates to the void in position of chief engineer; and the possible departure of Barracanian staff given Rennalls’s popularity. They also need to deal with the poor communication channel existent within Caribbean Bauxite Company; possible political implications given Rennalls’s father position in the government; and leadership problem and also the possible factionalism within the organization and negatives effect of ethnocentric approach that might hurt upon Caribbean Bauxite Company. The company must urge John Baker to apologize for the mistakes he has done. Rennalls’s resignation should be rejected by the company and persuades him to stay back. If Rennalls insists on his decision to resign, then Baker must retain the post as chief engineer until the company found a replacement. Lastly, the management of Caribbean Bauxite Company should seek to resolve the poor communication within the organization through cross - cultural training. This will improve the employee’s communication gap between expatriates and local Barracanians. This may help them from making adverse comments with regard to racial sensitivities.


List of all Problems

John Bakers is suspicious of Matthew Rennalls that he does not like European expatriates According to John Baker, Rennalls does not like European expatriates when for instance Jackson, a senior draft person complains to Baker that Rennalls is rude to him.

John Baker have problem with his work environment where he is less sensitive to racial issues. During the interview, he told Rennalls that it is necessary for Rennalls to get on well with expatriates because Europeans are bound to occupy senior positions in Caribbean Bauxites until the company has trained enough Barracanians of Rennalls caliber to replace the expatriates. He also warned Rennalls that he was more friendly with his fellow Baracanians than he does with Europeans and that Baker had many complaints from expatriates with regard to Rennalls negative attitudes towards Europeans in the company. As John Baker informed Rennalls that only Europeans can hold senior positions in the company, and we think that he is playing with racial sentiments.

Comparison dimensions of diversity between Europeans and Barracanians create cultural differences between John Baker and Matthew Rennalls. John Baker boasted that his ancestors have been brought up in the commercial enterprise environment for the past 200 or 300 years compared to Rennalls ancestors who have had only some 50 or 60 years. He told Rennalls that the Barracanians had to face the challenge of bridging the gap between 50 and 300 years. For this reason, Rennalls thinks that the Europeans considered them as barbarians and that they are ‘just down from the trees’ meaning they have no experience, education and no knowledge modern living. Rennalls feels ashamed and betrayed and he decided to resign from his post.

Matthew Rennalls has racial experience during in University London His four years in University London, made him sensitive to any sign of condescension on the part of expatriates. The reason for this racial consciousness, in our opinion may be he was badly treated and racially abused because of his color and appearance. He was very determined to complete his study in engineering so that he can return to his country to help his people. He obtains his first-class honors in BSC engineering degree. When he returned to his...
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