Case Study Response for Microsoft Office

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Case Study Response

1. Computers I’ve Encountered:
My laptop
Parents desktop
Library Computers
Professors Computers
Recipients of E-mails computers
Before Computers existed humans were responsible for many more tasks. Files were kept with handwritten documents inside. Before computers existed we were forced to be much more organized because documentation was physical and not found in databases. Performing everyday tasks was much harder before computers I would assume that business had many more employees to perform specific jobs that are not easily performed by computers. I believe that computers, even though can be frustrating at times, make life much easier for us. I could not imagine going to school without being able to use my computer to assist me.

2. Some organizations that have been negatively affected by the internet include: small businesses, Newspapers, Music, and travel agencies. Small business cannot compete with other business who can afford to have a website to advertise because there is little room in a budget for a website for a small business. Newspapers are more expensive to make than online news and online news is free for the consumer and much easier to access. Most people are able to buy music online for free so the sale of CD’s has plummeted since the internet has emerged. Travel agencies also lose revenue because if the internet, it is very easy for travelers to book hotels and plane tickets online. It is almost impossible for these organizations to compete with the internet expect solely by the fact that some people would rather pay extra to read a newspaper or go to a local business. In some aspects I think it is possible for computers to replace the work force but not in others. I don’t think computers will ever be able to fight fires, arrest criminals, or teach students like humans can.

3. After researching, I believe the best computer for respiratory therapy majors is the HP Envy 13. This is a...
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