Case Study on Robert Princeton at Falls Video

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Openness to experience, Motivation Pages: 5 (714 words) Published: February 20, 2013
| |A Case Study on Robert Princeton |

Case Objective:

Why an enthusiastic and self-motivated employee Robert Princeton left his job within few months after joining despite taking some creative initiatives? What are the problems associated with the company and what are our recommendations to solve those problems?

Problems identified from the case:

1. Problems facing by the company for which Robert Princeton was appointed to solve it.

- Loses of videotapes by stolen or misplaced.

- Inadequate newly released videotapes to meet up the demand of customers.

- Absenteeism and tardiness of employees.

- High employee turnover.

- Expecting maximum output from low wages employees.

2. Findings by Robert Princeton

- Irritating Boss

- No leave policy for the employees.

- Employees were not properly trained.

- No long term benefit for the employees such as health insurance policy.

- Company is only concern about increased profit/turnover without investing in new issues.

- Lack of proper guidance to the employees.

- Lack of commitment to the values of employees.

3. Our findings from the case

- There was a Conflict of Role.

- Momma Valenchia failed to appoint right people for right job.

- Robert Princeton wrongly perceived the type of company/business.

- Perception of Princeton about Momma Valenchia was wrong which can be categorize as”Halo Effect” (He was motivated by a praise, “Work hard and you will be successful”).

Moreover, we are completely agreed on the findings of Robert Princeton.

Why Robert Princeton left his job?

Robert Princeton left the job for following reasons:

✓ Values of Princeton were neglected.

✓ According to Maslow Theory, he was not being able to fulfill his higher order needs such as self esteem & self actualization.

✓ Lack of motivation.

✓ Irritating Boss.

✓ Conflict of interest and role.

Before we go for suggestions or recommendations, we have tried to define the characteristics of Princeton and Mario based on the topics we learned from our OB course.


Personality of Princeton:

- According to Mayers-Briggs Type Indicator, Princeton falls under ENTP type which is a conceptualizer because he is an innovative, individualistic and has entrepreneurial drive.

- According to Big Five model he has a personality of Openness to Experience as he is very imaginative and have interest with novelty. He has the quality of effective leadership.

- He has low self monitoring personality trait for which he could not adjust with his boss.

- He also has Proactive personality as he has taken many initiatives proactively within short time.

Personality of Mario:

- Narcissism. As he has a grandiose sense of self-importance and off - course he is arrogant.


Values of Robert Princeton:

|Terminal Values |Instrumental Values | |Freedom i.e. free choice to take initiatives. |Helpful such as working for others welfare. | |Inner Harmony such as freedom from inner conflict. |Imaginative or creative work. | |Sense of Accomplishment. | | | |Capable or competent....
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