Case Study on Nestle(Final)

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Case Study on Nestle(Final)

By | April 2012
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To Prof.Dr.A.K.M Salahuddin

MD. REZAUL KARIM ID: 2010-2-95-051
MD. SHAHRIAR ASHRAF ID: 2010-3-95-051
A.S.M.NASIM HASSAN ID: 2010-2-95-038

Topic: CASE STUDY on National or Multinational Company
Section: 02
April 7, 2012

East West University

Prof. Dr. A.K.M Salahuddin
School of Business,
MBA Program,
East West University.

Subject: Submission of CASE STUDY on “NESTLE COMPANY”

Dear Sir,
It is immeasurable glee that we are submitting the case study on “Unethical issues of Nestle and how to solve the problem”.

We have enjoyed much in preparing the case study on the basis of available practical aspect of the dealing in company and industry. It has broadened our knowledge and experience, which will help us in the near future in many ways.

We hope that you will consider our shortcoming while evaluating the case study for unexpected mistakes and errors.

Sincerely yours,

_____________________ ________________________ _________________________ MD. Rezaul Karim MD. Shahriar Ashraf A.S.M. Nasim Hassan (ID: 2010-2-95-051) (ID: 2010-3-95-051) (ID: 2010-2-95-038)


Chapter No.| Serial No.| Topics| Page No|
1| | Introduction| |
| 1.1| Company Overview| 5|
| 1.2| History| 6|
| 1.3| Production| 7|
| 1.4| Current Status | 8|
| 1.5| Nestle Brands| 8|
| 1.6| Objective| 9|
| 1.7| Our Policies| 9|
| 1.8| Our Ethical Approach| 10|
2| | Ethical Policy on Nestle| |
| 2.1| Preamble| 11|
| 2.2| Application of Food Safety Policy Statement and Other Ethical Precedents| 12| | 2.3| Unethical business practices are not unusual among large international corporations. And Nestle is no exception!| 13| | 2.4|...

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