Case Study of the Troubled History of the Airbus A380

Topics: Soft systems methodology, Management, Systems thinking Pages: 16 (4013 words) Published: December 13, 2012


Case study of the troubled history of the Airbus A380

Aschcroft International Business School
Systems and Operations Management
Department: Accounting & Information Systems
Module Code: BB215010S


Word count: 2998

Academic Year: 2010/11
Semester 2

Executive summary
In this paper, it applied knowledge learnt in this course into the troubled history of the development of Airbus A380. The three times repeated delays caused serious loss for the Airbus. It first analyzed the role of system and operation management in promoting business in Airbus. Whether the operation management and system is integrated with the business of the development of A380 will be discussed. The project to design and manufacturing is so complicated and it is difficult to find the clear problems and resolve it. Therefore, the soft system methodology is used to analyze and define the problems. Then based these problem, recommendations about system and operation management are brought out to improve the efficiency of business. Moreover, some suggestions with regard to people issues, technological issues, and organizational issues are also provided at the conclusion part of this paper. Many academic books and journals has been reviewed and referred to develop this paper.

Contents Page

1.0 Introduction4
1.1 The background of this case study4
1.2 The aims, contents of this paper4
2.0 Analysis of systems and operation management5
2.1 Analysis of operation process of A3805
2.2 Analysis of system7
2.2.1 Decision making for different levels of business7 2.2.2 The role of system8
2.3 The integration of operation and system within the business9 3.0 The application of soft system methodology10
3.1 How soft system methodology can help analyze the situation10 3.2 How soft system methodology can help define the business requirement12 4.0 Recommendations and conclusions13
4.1 improvements in the Airbus information systems and operations management13 4.1.1 Improvement in information system13
4.1.2 Improvement in operation management14
4.2 improvements in aspects of the people, technology and organisational issues14 4.2.1 People aspects14
4.2.2 Technological issues15
4.2.3 Organizational issues16
Appendix 1 Flow process charts for A38017

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The background of this case study

As the largest passenger airliner, the airbus A380 get much appraises from all over the world. It has a double-deck, four-engine airliner, and can take more than 800 passengers. However, the road to develop and manufacture this super jumbo is very tough. Repeated delays of delivery had brought many problems to the Airbus, as well as its parent, EADS. The first delay was attributed to the production of wirings. Due to the facilities in German and Spanish use the 4th version of CATIA, and the facilities in British and French use the 5th version of CATIA, the overall configuration met serious problems. There are also some other problems, such as the high degree of customization and other reason. Customers should enough tolerance to the first delay. However, Airbus announced a second delay in June, 2006. This time, the share price of EADS dropped 26 percents. And many major executives resigned for this delay. However, this is not the end, in October, 2006, the CEO of Airbus declared a third delay. All of these delays had caused serious loss for this company.

1.2 The aims, contents of this paper

The development of passenger aircraft is one complex project in itself. There are many cases in the history that the delivery of aircraft is delayed. For one multi-national company, it becomes even more complex as far as the integration is concerned. The aim of this paper is to apply the information systems and operation management, Soft Systems...
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