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Topics: Globalization, Marketing, McDonald's Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: September 24, 2011
McDonald’s Expands Globally While Adjusting It’s Local Recipe

In Depth Case Analysis
McDonald’s is certainly an interesting leader. They seem to be poised and open to other cultures’ yearnings. Their global marketing efforts brought many of the top executives from each region of all countries to gain creativity and a glimpse into what standardization can connect all people from all walks of life. This understanding your consumer is imperative to global marketing. The information technology connects the world as McDonald’s has done by bringing the top executives together to unite and standardize what could be standardized and united. McDonald’s ability to change their business goals mid-stream and correct them shows great attention to the local cultures and their needs. This is in keeping with their promise to offer a product/service that is quick, clean and inexpensive or affordable. Being a global company has brought much diversity as well to McDonald’s. Although it has standardization, it has adaptation as well. For instance in Western Europe when the mad-cow disease hit, it adapted by importing “safe” beef. In India, instead of serving forbidden cow, it went to lamb-based products and separate food preparation areas. This ability to adapt is what brings in large revenues and persistence and need for such a product. McDonald’s also purchases its needs to operate in a large percentage from local growers.

1.Key Elements in McD’s global market strategy in regards to standardization: a.Familiar packaging
b.Advertising dollars to maintain standard
c.Golden Arches – represents, affordable, clean & quick – trusted d.Integration of Supply Chain - utilize local growers as much as possible. e.Maintain brand equity
f.Efficiency and cost effective
h.Information Technology – connecting the world – “I’m Lovin’ It!”

2.Do government officials in developing countries welcome McDonald’s? Do...
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