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Case Study: McCafe

Change is brewing for fast-food giant McDonald’s. In their quest to capitalize on a multi-billion-dollar coffee industry, most franchise owners have ordered up “McMakeovers” for their restaurants. Vision Builders was tapped to renovate nearly a dozen local locations to include “McCafes”: same basic menu, same quick service, but with a whole new look and feel. Tight deadlines, shifting work conditions, and McDonald’s open-allnight policy at several spots served up a super-sized job for the Vision team, but we perked up to the challenge. Like the veteran restaurant chain, we promise to fill customer orders on time and on budget, against all odds. Each McCafe offers different décor, more comfortable booths, strategically mounted plasma TVs, and free WiFi, plus a slew of new coffee-bar type menu items, like lattes and cappuccinos. That meant adding equipment, utilities, and design elements to an existing space. Vision did the construction work overnight, so customers who stopped in

for their morning “cup of Joe” saw the transformation take place right before their eyes. “It’s a challenge, since many of the McDonald’s we’ve worked on are technically open 24 hours a day, says ” Vision’s President, Anthony Gagliardi. “Customers would cruise up to the drivethru window to order some fries, and we’d be drilling a hole in the floor. We’ve managed to build out the new coffee areas while the restaurant continues to serve its clientele. Locations that aren’t ” open around the clock will close a little earlier and open a bit later, but the public is never inconvenienced. With work completed on locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Vision Builders is on deck to renovate dozens more restaurants in the latter half of this year. In all, about a hundred “McMakeovers” have been ordered up through the middle of 2009.

If you can envision it, we can build it. Anthony Gagliardi Vision Builders Company 615 Concord Street Framingham, MA 01702 [508]...
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