Case Study for Psychology

Topics: Anxiety, Divorce, Layoff Pages: 3 (1265 words) Published: May 11, 2008
Case Study for Michael
Christy Bosley
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Jennifer Doran
March 16, 2008

Case Study for Michael
The causes for Michael’s stress seems to be the fact that his divorce just became finalized, he wanted custody of his children but his work schedule can not allow for that, but Michael receives visitation every two weeks and his employer has announced financial restrictions that could result in possible layoffs. Since Michael is divorced he has purchased a new townhouse and pays support for his children, he now fears for the possible loss of his job. What if he was put on layoff status and could not afford to pay the mortgage for his home or support his children? This stress is causing Michael serious health issues, such as the chest pains he began to experience after he signed his divorce papers. Michael has experienced the alarm stage, resistance stage and he is now in the exhaustion stage and because he has begun to experience chest pains he could be setting himself up for coronary heart disease if he does not take control of his level of stress. These types of stressors are impacting Michael’s self-concept and self-esteem. Although, the case study does not mention that Michael’s attitude is being affected by his stress or depression, the chest pains he is experiencing along with the finalization of his divorce are impairing how Michael feels about himself. When the self-concept is low it reflects on how one may view their attitude toward themselves. Michael is facing a rough road in his life and he is faced with a low respect for himself. This can lead Michael into a phase of depression and is could be cause for his chest pains. Another factor that is playing an important role for Michael’s self-concept and self-esteem is that fact that he is unsure of the layoff situation at his job and if he is impacted by the layoff how will he pay his mortgage and support his children. The situation that Michael is now...
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