Case Study: Brinker

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Organizational Behavior Analysis
March 29th 2009
Kruse Case Study
Brinker Case Study
Norman Brinker has become known as an entrepreneur, pioneer, visionary and mentor in the restaurant industry. He has been involved in the industry for over 40 years. In the 1950’s Norman Brinker started his career in restaurants as partner in the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant chain. Here Brinker found a new love for the restaurant business. Norman Brinker was a manager who became a leader. As manager he was involved in planning and budgeting his restaurants, organizing and staffing them, as well as, controlling and problem solving with in the restaurant. As a manager he helped to reduce uncertainty and stabilize the organizations he was involved in. Norman Brinker became a leader when he developed the restaurant chain Steak and Ale, which he later sold to Pillsbury Corporation and became their vice president. As a leader, Brinker, he set forth a direction for the organization, aligned people with that direction through communication and by motivating people to action through empowerment and by basic needs gratification. Brinker is seen as one of the most influential chain builders in food service history. He believes that winners attract winners. He shows confidence in himself and has successfully led several companies in a highly competitive industry in which most fail. He surrounds himself with people who believe in themselves and are successful. He feels success is contagious. Brinker has developed a followership at Brinker International of effective followers. Effective followers are the most valuable to a leader and an organization because of the contributions they have. These followers practice self-management and self-responsibility which means they can be relied on hence the protégé Ron McDougall who took the reins as leader when Brinker retired, as well as, aligning McDougall’s predecessors. All believe what Brinker developed at...
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