Case Study: Brazil

Topics: Energy, Health care system, Universal health care Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Michael Perez
Dr. Rothschild
Nov. 28th, 2011
“Case Study: Brazil”
Brazil is a prime country in the world that has been affected by globalization on all levels. From healthcare to economics to energy to education, all of these different sectors of the nation are affecting the population. Brazil holds many contemporary assets due to globalization, but with those assets come with liabilities that effect the population on levels. With Brazil as a rising star in the global economy, you cannot help, but to notice what is really happening and is globalization positive.

“Most educated Brazilians tend to view globalization as a process of homogenization, loss of identity, and imposition of practices by the United States” ( The idea of homogenization and loss of identity is linked to globalization because the end point of globalization is a homogenous embodiment. All cultures have globalized and they all share the same practices. A strong benefit of globalization in Brazil is the increase in the educational system. The Human Development Report, published in 2002 by the United Nations development program, puts Brazil in the 73rd place in the overall ranking of social development ( Meaning the educational system needs improvement and because of the growing economy and globalization Brazil has started to improve education. You cannot have a successful country without educated citizens. Linked with education is Healthcare, and Brazil has an interesting healthcare system.

Brazil offers free, universal health care to all of its citizens; it is considered a constitutional right ( The rich can pay for better care. This is a very important part of globalization in Brazil because this constitutional right wasn’t ratified once Brazil was established it happened relatively recently, about 30 years...
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