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Portakabin Company
Portable and modular buildings for sale or hire


Entrepreneurship happens when someone sees a market need and has an idea that will satisfy that need. The entrepreneur follows up, explores and develops the idea into a real product or service. In post-war Britain, in the late 1940s and 1950s, Donald Shepherd saw that there was a need for simple, easily made, portable buildings. These had the potential to provide all sorts of accommodation. Donald worked on his concept and began production of the first Portakabin buildings in 1961, registering the Portakabin trademark in 1963. Today, Portakabin provides modular and portable buildings for many uses. These include offices, nurseries, classrooms, doctors” surgeries and airport buildings.

Portakabin is the UK market leader in modular construction. Its products meet the accommodation needs of many different customers. It delivers products and services tailored to individual customer requirements. Portakabin is a well-known brand and most potential customers already know the company's name. 


In starting a promotional campaign, there will be:

• a set of clear objectives
• an intended target audience
• staff to work on the campaign
• a budget, based on costs for the work identified


How Portakabin promotes its brand.
To be the best company in the world--in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and people. expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping Portakabin's values top of mind.


To promotes its business in ways that clearly distinguish its products and services from those of its competitors. 'To provide peace of mind for our customers across Europe through quality buildings and services'.



*Television and radio
*The national press and consumer magazines
*Trade journals target a business audience. 


*can reach a wide range of consumers.

*are aimed mainly at consumers. As market leader, Portakabinhas high brand awareness

*Portakabin places articles or advertorials in selected trade journals when it needs to highlight its products and services to other businesses


*It is difficult to measure responses. It is also expensive a typical television advertising campaign might cost £500,000.

*It does not need to promote widely to this audience. It is also difficult to measure responses from newspaper and magazine advertising

*It also does this to differentiate its brand from competitors. This is known as 'brand defence'.


These are important considerations when Portakabin plans promotional activity. Marketing specialists use a mix of tactics to attract and keep customers. These involve balancing the four Ps of the marketing mix. For product, this includes introducing new products or enhancing existing products or packaging For price, this might involve special offers or discounts

For place, a company might look to use different ways or channels to reach customers, for example, through the Internet or high street retailers For promotion this includes many different ways of communicating sales messages to customers to buy products or services Promotion is an important part of the Portakabin marketing mix. For Portakabin, all promotional activity should reinforce its brand messages of quality and customer satisfaction. The function of promotion is to send out consistent positive messages to existing and potential customers. Promotion is not just advertising it is a planned series of activities. These must relate to the business's objectives. For example, a business might want to increase its market share, it might want to widen its customer base or increase the number of repeat purchases....
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