Case Study

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Case Study

1.The food and beverage revenue shall exceed over 500,000 dollars for each of the five years of the restaurant. The restaurant will be bringing in new business on a yearly basis. The restaurant has the benefit of time, because the restaurant will be open 24 hours a day. 2.The operational statistics that may benefit the Eaton Restaurant Corporation is covers and check averages. The cover represents the number of guests. The check averages refers to the average dollar amount of each check. Another operational statistic that might benefit the company is a statement of income and expenses. This statement gives business owners a chance to evaluate a profit or loss pertaining to the company. In the statement of income sheet for the restaurant, business owners can examine total food cost, beverage cost, product cost, payroll and other related costs, prime costs, occupancy and capital costs, and profit before income taxes costs. 3.SWOT Analysis

The restaurant will bring new business to the area.
It is located near a new strip mall area
The restaurant has a reputation of delivering quality service to customers over the past 3 years. Weaknesses
It is a new business, and it has only has a 50% success rate •The funding for this restaurant is very limited.
There are not a lot of local business partners in this restaurant, which could cause resentment from the local business community. Opportunities
The restaurant could expand their business within this territory •The restaurant will create jobs within the community.
The restaurant will give back to the local community by partnering up with local nonprofit organizations. Threats
The local community could boycott the restaurant being located within their city. •The restaurant will take away business from other family oriented restaurants within the community. •The zoning application for the restaurant could be denied by city officials....
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