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* Background of the Company
HOME EXPRESSIONS CONCEPTS INC. (HOMEX) is a family run business owned by Ms. Filipinas Katly-Torres. In the year of 1998 she formed a corporation which involved trading of textile yarn and cotton wastes named Home Expressions International. The business went into recycling of cotton into stuffing materials for pillows, and mattresses, among others, and in 2006 Home Expressions Concepts, Inc. was incorporated. It was developed a brand name called “Sleepworth” and generally uses indigenous recycled cotton materials out of the well-known local variety called “Kapok” as stuffing for its well-know mattress brand.

* Layout Strategy
Home Expressions Inc. recycles cotton to stuff materials like pillows and mattresses. The operation is mainly done by manpower and a little help from the machine through different processes like cutting, sewing, stuffing, closing and finishing. Each step cannot jump into another until the first one is done to ensure its best quality. The goal of our group is to identify the accurate number of workers needed to operate or to produce the required demand of a store. Having the knowledge and awareness of these tools helps the company to manage their workers properly, to ensure how many items will be produced per day and to be aware on how many items will be the excess per production. This Home Expressions’ Data Summary illustrates how each operation is done through time, number of hours and demands per day specifically on pillows. Operation (per unit)| Time (seconds)| Workday (hours)| Demand (units/day)| | | | |

Cutting| 40| 8| 500|
Sewing| 45| | |
Staffing| 40| | |
Closing| 45| | |
Finishing| 50| | |

The task time of Home Expressions is 57.60 seconds per unit. Time (unit)| Workday| Demand (units/day)| Takt Time (seconds)| | | | |
Hours| 8| 500| 57.60|
Minutes| 480| | |
Seconds| 28,800| | |

Staffing determines the number of workers required per operation. For Home Expressions, the number of workers needed is 4. Operation (per unit)| Time (seconds)| Takt Time (seconds)| Workers Required| Rounded up| | | | | |

Cutting| 40| 57.60| 3.82| 4|
Sewing| 45| | | |
Staffing| 40| | | |
Closing| 45| | | |
Finishing| 50| | | |
Total| 220| | | |

For the Work Balance Chart of Home Expressions, finishing process requires the maximum time for it ensures the quality of each pillow before the last process which is the vacuuming.

For the Production, it determines the total production in units/day. For Home Expression, their production is 524 units/day with excess of 24 units/day. Item| Figure| Workday (seconds)| Item| Figure|

| | | | |
Total time/unit (sec)| 220| 28,800 | Produced (units/day)| 524| Workers (rounded up)| 4| | Demand (units/day)| 500|
Time/worker (sec)| 55| | Excess (units/day)| 24|

Home Expression bases their production on purchase order of different stores to ensure the quality of their products. By this strategy, Home Expression guarantees equal treatments per outlet, prevents bias and avoids excess stocks which could affect its quality. Based on our comparison from the book and from the actual practice of Home Expressions Concepts Inc., the steps or process from the book is not always being followed. There are certain traditions per company that they follow and believe into instead of the book, for they believe that these traditions help them further to become a good company. For other companies, the book serves as their primary basis but they still depend and act on what they’ve been practicing and believing into for they accept them as true. As a group, we recommend that a company follows their old practice instead of the book; this does not mean that what the book says is not true but what the company has been practicing from the start should be their...
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