Case Study 1: Generative Software Development

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Case Study 1: Generative Software Development

Advanced Software Engineering –CIS 518

February 17, 2013

Case Study 1: Generative Software Development

Generative software development is a development that permits products to be produced automatically through different specifications. This type of development happens in two phases the first phase consist of the domain engineers developing the product down to generating the software mechanisms. Once development is completed, then each individual product is produced. The normal software development process would normally consist of several different models that have a particular set of task that have to be set forth during a certain point during the process. The software development process happens over a series of activities and depending on the development model will determine what activities will take place at any given time during the process verse the Generative software development happens in two phases with specifications that are already determined at the start of the development. Developing generative software would benefit an organization because this allows for automation to software development. Many companies develop software but it is so generic and takes intense processes where the whole software is based on coding from scratch which can be possibly be used by any software. With the use of languages like FORTRAN and C will have less of an impact of the software quality and the length and speed of the development will not be effected (Iseger, 2010). Moving toward automation will give developers more room to come up with software solutions and the complier with automatically produce lower assemblers. This would streamline the organizations software with less downtime, easier maintenance and convert everything to an automated system. With the use of generative software development would save developers time in the end from having to redevelop codes from scratch which risk defects...
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