Case Study 1

Topics: Motivation, Self-esteem, Locus of control Pages: 6 (2191 words) Published: October 1, 2012

In today’s dynamic environment, managements are facing different challenges because of the complexity and uncertainty introduced by people in and outside the organization and by the organizational context itself. This essay spotlights different challenges and relevant issues that have been addressed by Lee Reynaldo, the manager of DrainFlow Plumbing. It will then discuss different solutions and actions that must be undertaken to eliminate the negative impact it created upon the employees, customers and the company itself. Furthermore, varies concept and theories of organisational behaviour are used to support those solutions and allow Drain Flow management make optimum use of organisational resources to achieve competitive advantage through improving their efficiency in a global economy. Key problems in DrainFlow Plumbing case study:

The case study on Drain Flow Company highlights the issues of employees not being motivated thus not providing the type of customer service that other plumbing companies offer. Moreover, most of these employees are unsatisfied with the work they are required to do and their interactions with their supervisor and managers. (Case study) Another issue that DrainFlow is facing is the frequent complaints regarding response time, high cost and wrong person being sent out to do the job which resulted in customer dissatisfaction. According to Drain Flow manager, about 70 % of its customer indicated that they were unsatisfied with their experience and would not use Drain flow’s service again. (DrainFlow case study). The article additionally elaborates that their employees are not trained in customer service resulting in poor performance.(Case study) Elaboration of issues that may have led up to the problem:

Motivation plays an important role in an employee’s productivity, Quality and speed of work. Therefore, it is essential for DrainFlow Plumbing to identify the factors that have caused a lack of motivation among their employees. Motivation is very closely related to self-fulfilling prophecies theory. This article demonstrates that the managers at Drain Flow have lack of confidence in their employees abilities and therefore they set lower expectation of their employees. This issue can be further explained by the Golem effect theory. This theory is defined as “loss in performance is due to low leader expectation” (lecture slide). Furthermore, Drain Flow employees are experiencing multiple failures by receiving different complaints on their poor performance from their customers thus resulting in low self- esteem, low self-efficacy and low self-monitor within these individuals. A low sense of self-worth among DrainFlow employee’s results building negative feelings about themselves which contributes to a wide variety of negative work behaviors. Hence, this will affect their level of motivation and subsequently resulting in poor performance. Recognizing a number of personality traits might often be considered a good step for DrainFlow to know the reasons behind demotivated employees. As Martin and Fellenz stated (2012, p94), locus of control is a concept that describes “the degree to which people believe that they themselves are in control of their destiny” explaining the Internal locus of control or “those who think that what happens to them is largely determined by forces outside their control” explain the (External locus of control)”. As illustrated in the article, it seems that employees of DrainFlow have External locus of control, thus are less independent in the face of peer and group pressure. These external forces that could demotivate employees include low status jobs, less income and slower career success. Therefore employees tend to be more anxious, prefer tasks that are more structures thus resulting in lower job satisfaction and effecting employees motivation level. (Lecture slide) Lack of motivation among Drainflow employees can be also caused by frustration and...
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