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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Nature versus Nurture

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Heredity and location are particularly crucial factors in the development of a person. The genetic make-up of an individual determines the extent of the development of the individual, but the environment as a factor may influence some biological changes within an individual (Anastasia, 1958). Even though, both nature and nurture determines the development of a person, environment affects the up brining of a person thus it has more impact on a person. Introduction

During the brining up of child, both heredity and environment play a vital role in determining the predispositions as well as developmental potential. Environment as a factor or the surrounding and the way a person is raised determines or affects a person more than the genes. The surrounding in which a child is brought up may have different changes on specific biological processes in the body, therefore; environment has more effects on a person than the genes. Despite the fact, that nature influence the development of a person in terms of their appearance and individual physical traits, nurture being the location and the situations in which a person is brought up are particularly critical in elaborating the development of a person since a person is an overall picture of the surrounding of which they were brought up in (Anastasia, 1958). The surrounding may affect a person in different ways, be it health wise, or socially. First of all the genetic make -up determine if a person is predisposed to certain diseases like diabetes, but the environment at which such an individual is growing up in usually, affects him or her more than the genetic make-up (Anastasia, 1958). The environment in this case involves the diet and nutrition which will improve the chances of living longer hence influencing the development of the person. Different people come from different environments and backgrounds as...
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