Case Description and Theoretical Analysis of Tracy

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Final Assignment
‘Thirteen’ Case Description and Theoretical Analysis

Section 1: Case Description
Tracy Freeland is a thirteen year old Caucasian female. She is a seventh grader at a Los Angeles, CA middle school. Tracey has recently begun a pattern of stealing money from individuals, as well merchandise from stores. She has started to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sexual activities. Over a four month period that these activities took place; Tracy has also started to act out her emotional turmoil with various forms of verbal aggression, as well as self-mutilation. These issues are not known to be patterns of past behavior, but instead recent manifestations associated with her current befriending of classmate Evie Zamora. However, Tracy’s identified past family history is a source of emotional trauma for her. Tracy is the youngest child, with an older brother named Mason. Their parents are divorced and both children currently reside with their mother. The father does have visitation rights, however due to his current job he is not consistently available. He does try to offer financial support but has some difficulty, resulting in stress upon the family especially for Tracy’s mother. The mother, Melanie, is a high school dropout, and recovering from a substance abuse addiction. She does attend substance abuse recovery meetings, which may be the closest Tracy has “experienced” or been around psychotherapy/counseling. Melanie works as a hairdresser from home to try and financially support the family. Melanie also has an on again, off again boyfriend who is a recovering cocaine addict. While his place of residence is usually half-way houses, he also stays in the family home, much to Tracy’s displeasure.

Tracey is an intelligent adolescent as observed through her talent in writing poems. Until recently, she was a good student and received good grades. However, she began flunking tests, as well as not turning in homework or completing projects. As a result she is facing the possibility of needing to retake seventh grade again. Tracy‘s relationship history was limited. In recent times, she has started to experiment with various sexual acts with other adolescent males and females. Tracey’s level of exposure to trauma results from the divorce of her parents. Also, the exposure of substance abuse from an early onset in her life has had a negative impact. There is evidence from her behavior that she has a great deal of residual anger over the separation and consequent lack of attention from her father. Also, there is evidence of flashbacks from when she previously witnessed drug abuse. Substance abuse and addiction history is a factor in Tracy’s family and now she has begun to start participating in the consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drug use. She has resorted to getting high from marijuana, and stolen prescription drugs. She also misuses household inhalants by “huffing” them.

Despite these illegal activities, Tracy does not have any known legal problems. Tracy’s drug use, stealing from random individuals, stores and her participation in the stealing from her mother’s clients are risky behavior that can have severe consequences. She was not caught until recently when the stolen items (not all from her) were found by her mother and another individual. No legal actions are known to have been taken at that time. The result was the end of Tracy and Evie’s friendship as well as the reveal of Tracy’s acts of self-mutilation to her mother.

Tracy’s social supports were initially friends similar to her in age and behaviors (they were also good students as well). Her relationship with her mother had some issues, namely those surrounding the tension of the divorce, and Tracy’s initial social dissatisfaction at school. However, the relationship saw a severe decline with the recent events. Tracy has little support in her father who although claims to still care, is unable to provide her with the sufficient...
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