Case Analysis Starbucks

Topics: Starbucks, Middle East, Globalization Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Case 1-1 Starbucks – Going Global Fast
In the text the author tries to explain how Starbucks gets one of the global brands by entering new market. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the world, the Coffee chain is well known around the globe. The company tries to be very innovative, as they invented the Starbucks card and a pre-order via phone or internet. Nevertheless, they have to focus on a problem, since it is difficult to attract the next generation in the United States. The author criticizes the workload in the stores, but accentuates the positive working conditions compared to other companies. It is also mentioned, that Starbucks is very successful overseas, because it is still new and trendy over there. But for all that they have to consider cultural challenges and competitors. Relation to Course Concepts

Starbucks can be considered as a global company, since the products can be standardized all over the world, because the need for coffee is similar in different countries. That is also the reason why the company can use a standardized marketing mix, which will probably work on every continent. Nevertheless, there are some factors that vary in different countries. So there could be political and legal forces, like in the Middle East. There the popular coffee seller has to be sensitive about culture. In Japan there are also competitive forces. Those factors are considered as uncontrollable, since the company cannot influence them. There are cases in which these problems limit the success of a company going global, but in the case of Starbucks they did not. Questions

1.There are several controllable elements Starbucks has encountered in entering global markets. For example, the company tries to open their stores at places where many people go to every day, like big cities, shopping malls, railway stations and airports. By opening an outlet in less than 16 weeks, they are very fast in entering new countries. Starbucks has never done much...
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