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The seven elements of the services marketing mx addressed in “Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office” case are; product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical appearance. Product: As the mission statement displayed in the back office stated “Dr. Beckett’s core product is to provide superior dentistry in an efficient, profitable manner within the confines of a caring, quality environment. Facilities seem to increase the value of her product but her main goal is to differentiate her product in terms of quality. Price:Services were offered at a higher price than competitors with better quality. Promotion: She did no advertising. All of her new patients came from positive word of mouth by current patients. Place: She looked for an office in the North Carolina town where they have office spaces available but didn’t find anything she liked, so she hired an architect from San Francisco to design a contemporary office building with lots of light and space. This increased the building costs by $100,000, but felt it would be a critical factor to differentiate her services. People: There were eight employees including Dr. Beckett. Two employees in the front office doing receptionist and secretarial tasks and financial/ budgeting work, 2 hygienists in the back office who handle routine exams and teeth cleaning and 3 chair side assistants that helps them and Dr. Beckett with treatment procedures. Dr. Beckett valued her friendships with staff members and understood that they were a vital part of the service delivery. She provided them with many opportunities to update their skills, rewarded their hard work by giving monthly bonuses, and took them on vacation trips once a year. Process: All of the office systems were redesigned, with the help of a consultant she hired. One of the main goals was to standardize some of the routine procedures so that error was reduced. Patients should be kept no longer than 20 minutes without being given the opportunity to... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preview: ... edgeable about the business side of dentistry, it is a good move to hire a consultant that would do the work for her. g) Physical environment Dr. Beckett moved to a bigger space was aligned with her positioning strategy. The new place was designed extension on her personality add to the company’s branding. The new clinic is not just advantageous to attract more customers but on her workforce as well. The investment also was worth it since the physical place is the first thing that customers will see when they visit the dental office. There was intentional balance between function and design which sets the dental office apart from the usual clinical and traditional dental offices. The add-on features (play area, classical music, headphones, etc) were all aimed at providing a superior and pleasant dental experience minimizing the unpleasant feelings of going to a dentist. The certificate diplomas displayed, which is a standard practice in most professional service industries adds credibility to the dental office 2. Why do you think people dislike going to the dentist? Do you feel like Dr. Beckett addressed this problem effectively? People dislike going to the dentist because of many reasons, first of all is the needle followed by the pain, anxiety and most especially the poor service combined with noise and smell of the dental clinic. Some people also do not find it necessary unless they are already feeling pain on their mouth. I feel like the above reasons I gave are being addressed by Dr. Beckett since she gives visuals and informal education to her patients about dental problems and information. It is her goal too to provide quality service that the customers will notice. About...
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