Case Analysis on Slv and Mlv

Topics: Management, Multiplication, Communication Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Case analysis
1. Background
Peter is in charge of a team in an international company and they have a positive collaboration relationship with a MLV vendor, which can provide products successfully. But now Michael is responsible for the management and he insists SLV is cheaper and better than MLV. 2. Analysis

If the company keeps MLV, the advantages will be quite obvious. Firstly, they are familiar with each other and the quality should be trusted. They have cooperated with the previous vendor for a long time, the vendor must be quite familiar with their tasks, which can be much easier for them to communicate and there is no need to test the quality of the vendor’s product. Secondly, there will be positive impact for the company to widen its market. The net company can develop their products to many languages and countries since the vendor can provide more rigorous resources management. But in this case there are disadvantages to keep MLV. On one hand, the price will be higher than SLV; on the other hand, there are multiple layers of communication that can result in inefficiency. However, if the company selects SLV, the benefits should be cheaper prices and good quality for specific language. In addition, Michael has a friend who owns a translation company, so it will be convenient for Michael to acquire vendor resources. But it will take time for the company to test and select a new vendor. 3. Recommendation

According to the analysis, the benefits of keeping previous MLV will be larger than replacing it with SLV. If the company explores wider markets, the MLV service will be more useful and effective. The company also should strengthen the communication management to multiple layers in order to improve operation efficiency. In this way, the disadvantages of keeping MLV can be mitigated to some degree.
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