Case 1 Trader Joes

Topics: Trader Joe's, Grocery store, Management Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: October 5, 2011
CASE 1Trader Joe’s

Review Questions

1. How does Trader Joe’s design jobs for increase job satisfaction and higher performance? Trader Joe’s designs job descriptions specifically to attract employees which posses desired “soft skills”, resulting in customer oriented employees that not only serve but also build relationships with their customers. They maintain employees by offering benefits and highly competitive wages that exceed the competitive grocery stores, and also encourage to know their product’s resulting with overall happier employees who maintain higher performance ratings. 2. In what ways does Trader Joes’s demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the management process – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling? Trader Joe’s “runs a tight ship” that mantra is demonstrate in how the firm operates within its own employees. From the top management to the cashier clerk everyone is a part of the same team. Managers can often be observed picking up a broom and sweeping, if required. 3. Describe the methods that show Trader Joe’s knows the importance of human capital? Since Trader Joe’s makes such an effort to acquire qualified personnel they strive to retain their employees. Trader Joe’s is aware that retaining responsible, knowledgeable, and friendly employees will be significant to the customer service they provide. 4. Explain the value chain as it pertains to Trader Joe’s? In my opinion the value chain at Trader Joe’s begins with its employees and the methods utilized by Trader Joe’s to make them good at providing excellent customer service. “Employees are encourage to taste and learn about the product” this results in employees who are able to share their experience and expertise of the products they are selling to the consumer. Creating a helpful and customer service environment, which consumers appreciate. 5. Research Question: What do the blogs and current news reports say? Is Trader Joe’s a...
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